3/26/18 -The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14 trailer  is here!

10/16/17 - The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14 has wrapped and marks the halfway point for the season.

10/4/17- We're proud to announce Kevin Kolack will be joining our cast as George, a man caught up in his new neighbors' paranoid ramblings about someone trying to break into their apartment. Don't turn to channel 14!

9/28/17 - We're proud to announce Kristy Cloetingh as Madison, a woman terrorized by a creepy lurker on her surveillance camera in "The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14."  Don't turn to channel 14!

9/26/17 - We're pleased to announce Olev Aleksander as Clint, a newlywed who discovers an intruder trying to get inside his new apartment in "The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14."!  Don't turn to channel 14!

9/15/17 - Keep an eye out for something lurking in the distance. Pre-production on THA's newest episode, "Channel 14," has officially begun! More news coming soon.

6/8/17Check out "Picturing Your Picture," the new blog entry about storyboarding on "The Road to Wrap!"


6/6/17-  The Hunter's Anthology's hero, David Lee McInnis, is up for "Best Villain!"


1/23/17- The new The Hunter's Anthology poster has been revealed!

1/12/17 - Check out the new entry in "The Road to Wrap" blog about the latest The Hunter's Anthology shoot and more!

11/29/16 - Welcome to the launch of the Smithline Films website!  Check out our projects, reels, trailers, videos, photos, and the Road to Wrap blog.  Be on the lookout for more updates!