6/23/20 - In this short clip from series, Mac enters the subway in search of the demon.

6/12/20 - The countdown to the The Hunter's Anthology continues with our Character Preview Videos.  Who is the demon?!

5/7/20​ - On Set Interviews with the Olev Aleksander as Clint, Kristy Cloetingh as Madison, Cole Taylor as Steven, and Sara Mari & Kato Lopez as Jennifer and Jessica are now available

4/3/20​ - On Set Interviews with the Taylor August as Mac,
Eric Colton as Rod, and Janna Bossier as Tabitha are now online.


We're happy to announce that The Hunter's Anthology will be coming to a streaming service in the Fall of 2020.  WHO IS THE DEMON?  Stay tuned!

​12/5/20  - Check out the new The Hunter's Anthology Season 1 Trailer!

11/21/19 - Your wish has been granted! The Hunter's Anthology: "You Can't Unwish a Wish" trailer has arrived.  Is Jennifer the demon?


​​10/22/19 - We hope you'll all lose your minds watching the exciting new "The Hunter's Anthology" trailer, "A Visit to the Asylum!" Is Steven the demon?!

​​8/12/19 - "The Hunter’s Anthology" was selected as a semi-finalist for the “Fade In” Thriller Awards! Congratulations to the winners!

8/1/19 - The Hunter's Anthology Official Site has launched! It includes more details on the project, info on our cast and crew, production stills, and video. Check it out at:​​​​​​​​​​​

5/16/19 - We're excited to reveal the new trailer for our pilot episode of The Hunter's Anthology! This features "The Demon Hunter: Part I" and "The Fortune Maker," but every episode made the cut. Enjoy!

​​4/10/19 - We are proud to announce the pilot episode of The Hunter's Anthology has been completed as post-production on the series continues! Is Tabitha the demon?

1/28/19 - That's a wrap!!!  Production for The Hunter’s Anthology is now complete. It’s time to hit the ground running as all focus finally shifts to post-production!​​​​​

​​1/27/19 - The final day of production of "The Hunter’s Anthology."

1/26/19 - Pictures from the set of Day 2 of "A Visit to the Asylum."


​​​1/25/19 - First Day of the final shoot of "The Hunter’s Anthology."

1/24/19 - Tomorrow we join Steven when he takes “A Visit to the Asylum.” Production begins in the morning!!! Stay tuned for pics from the set.

1/19/19 - What kind of father is he?! We’re pleased to announce Dennis Rubin Green as MR. CAPSHAW in “A Visit to the Aslyum.”

​​1/9/19 - What isn't she telling Steven?! We're happy to announce Alicia Foxworth as Steven's mom, Mrs. Capshaw, in "A Visit to the Asylum!

12/6/18 - Is Steven losing his mind? Just ask his voice of reason! We're proud to announce the newest member of our cast, Lauren LaVera, as KATE in "A Visit to the Asylum."

12/5/18 - Here's a look at our two new posters for "The Hunter's Anthology!"


​​12/5/18 - Happy Thanksgiving from our not-so- shining example of family: the 1st official pic of our two feuding twins, Jennifer and Jessica!

10/31/18 - Happy Halloween!  Our first official image of Mac.

8/21/18 - Surprise shooting for THA? Now?? Whaaat?!  That’s a wrap!

7/18/18 - "The Demon Hunter" wraps.  One more episode to go.  Stay tuned!

7/16/18 - Shooting "The Demon Hunter" on location in Kingstn, NY begins.

7/15/18 - Production on "You Can't Unwish a Wish" has wrapped.

7/13/18 - Production on "You Can't Unwish a Wish" begins!

7/12/18 - Production on "You Can't Unwish a Wish" and "The Demon Hunter" begins tomorrow!

6/29/18 -  Intention is everything in "You Can't Unwish a Wish." We're proud to announce Brent Anthony as bully minion JOE in The Hunter's Anthology!

6/28/18 -  Stay away from this "pom-pom cheering b*tch!" We're excited to announce Bridget Crisonino as CHRISTINA, the heartless bully in "You Can't Unwish a Wish."

6/27/18 - Three wishes aren't enough for this twin, so don't make her mad! We're happy to introduce Kato Lopez as JESSICA in The Hunter's Anthology.

6/26/18 - We're happy to introduce Sara Lopez as Jennifer, a young twin who learns the hard way that "You Can't Unwish a Wish!" s Jennifer the demon?!

6/21/18 - Evil beware: There’s a new Mac in town! We’re excited to announce Taylor August as MAC in The Hunter’s Anthology!

6/19/18 - We're happy to announce the casting of Cole Taylor as STEVEN in "The Hunter's Anthology." Is Steven the demon? Maybe "A Visit to the Asylum" can answer that!

3/26/18 -The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14 trailer  is here!

10/16/17 - The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14 has wrapped and marks the halfway point for the season.

10/4/17 - We're proud to announce Kevin Kolack will be joining our cast as George, a man caught up in his new neighbors' paranoid ramblings about someone trying to break into their apartment. Don't turn to channel 14!

9/28/17 - We're proud to announce Kristy Cloetingh as Madison, a woman terrorized by a creepy lurker on her surveillance camera in "The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14."  Don't turn to channel 14!

9/26/17 - We're pleased to announce Olev Aleksander as Clint, a newlywed who discovers an intruder trying to get inside his new apartment in "The Hunter's Anthology: Channel 14!"  Don't turn to channel 14!

9/15/17 - Keep an eye out for something lurking in the distance. Pre-production on THA's newest episode, "Channel 14," has officially begun! More news coming soon.

6/8/17 -  Check out "Picturing Your Picture," the new blog entry about storyboarding on "The Road to Wrap!"


1/23/17 - The new The Hunter's Anthology: Prologue poster has been revealed!

1/12/17 - Check out the new entry in "The Road to Wrap" blog about the latest The Hunter's Anthology shoot and more!

11/29/16 - Welcome to the launch of the Smithline Films website!  Check out our projects, reels, trailers, videos, photos, and the Road to Wrap blog.  Be on the lookout for more updates!