A comedy about a cop, Tobias McClout, and a criminal, Douglas Blaze, who kill each other during a high speed chase.  But the Grim Reaper makes a grave mistake: Blaze accidentally winds up in heaven, while McClout ends up in hell.  Searching desperately to find a way out, Mclout questions whether he's in the wrong place, while an entitled Blaze, raises hell in heaven.

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Feature Film - (In Development)

co-producing with Diamond Pictures & Ugly Productions

Trust Us is the story about a young man named Guy Backman, an ambitious college student, who is obsessed with building a time machine.  When his regretful older self pays him a visit warning him that his science professor, Dr. Hughes, will steal his invention, Guy must agree to tamper with the present in order to change his future.  As his older selves continue to visit and work on improving his life, Guy starts questioning the morality and success of his own actions.

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​​Six strangers find themselves trapped in a New York City subway by Mac, a mysterious man who claims to be a demon hunter. Insisting one of them is evil, he peeks into their souls discovering five eerie, supernatural tales. It's then up to Mac to solve the mystery and destroy the demon amongst them.

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The terrible nightmares that terrified Kyle as a child have suddenly resurfaced. As Kyle starts to notice hidden clues within his dreams, his therapist Dr. Mindell helps him piece together their significance.  But something is buried deep in his subconscious, and the only way out is for Kyle to solve his own mystery.

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TV Series - (Streaming Now)

co-producing with Ugly Productions